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Return Policy

Return and exchange policy:

  1. After receiving the goods, the customer must complete the sampling trial within 7 working days。
  2. If there is any quality problem, please show the customer's test feedback report within 30 days. After the company confirms that there is a quality problem, it can be returned or replaced。
  3. Our company is not responsible for the quality disputes caused by the failure to test the circuit board。
  4. If the customer has no objection to the product quality within 30 days, the default product quality fully meets the requirements。


Return will not be handled under the following circumstances:

  1. Any products not sold by the company (all products purchased from the company are photographed for record)。
  2. Any commodity with quality problems caused by abnormal use and storage。
  3. Unable to show purchase vouchers and related bills。
  4. Products that are artificially damaged due to improper use。
  5. Products purchased by customers due to procurement errors。
  6. The customer's subjective feeling is not satisfied with the appearance, color and shape of the product。
  7. Other non product quality problems。