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Shenzhen Wisdtech Technology Co., Ltd.  We are a large-scale supplier specializing in famous semiconductor integrated circuits (ICS) from all over the world. The company has many years of sales management experience, professional supporting various electronic components, and has a large amount of stock for a long time. It mainly distributes AD、XILINX、ST、ALTERA、TI and all series ICs and Capacitor 、Resistor 、inductor and moudles. The products are widely used in the field of portable electronic products. Based on technology and market-oriented, the company has accumulated rich business experience and has formed a complete management system. At the same time, it has established good cooperative relations with manufacturers and agents in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and constantly improved service quality. Therefore, it has received strong support and high trust from the majority of users! The business has developed rapidly and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many traders and manufacturers all over the country. The company always adheres to the development concept and purpose of "quality first, reasonable price, quick delivery and service first". It is our duty to provide the most satisfactory service to the enterprise. Through a strong market service network system, we provide standardized, professional, diversified and all-round high-quality services to the enterprise.

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